Phluido, Inc. is a wireless communications startup based in San Diego, CA. The company was founded in March 2014 with the mission to bring the cloud revolution to the world of wireless communications, for faster and cheaper deployment of higher-performance cellular networks.

Phluido's team is led by the two cofounders, whose combined resume includes two PhD degrees and about twenty years of experience in wireless communications, shared between academic research, R&D roles at Qualcomm, with more than 100 IEEE papers and more than 60 US and international patents coauthored.

We are building a world-class team of passionate technologists and business enthusiasts. Contact us for more information.



Alan Barbieri, CEO

Entrepreneur and innovator with a passion for technology, Alan Barbieri has been instrumental in developing some key technologies for several communication standards such as DVB-S2 and LTE.

Alan has been an associate professor, a research scientist, a system engineer, and an entrepreneur. He enjoys leading teams of passionate technologists while cultivating an environment where new ideas can flourish.

Dario Fertonani, CTO

A science and technology enthusiast, Dario started his career in academia, earning a PhD in telecom engineering and holding research scholar and faculty positions.

He then joined world-leading chipmaker Qualcomm, where he was a key contributor to the development of 4G wireless products.

Inspired by his vision of cloud-redefined wireless infrastructures, Dario cofounded Phluido in March 2014.

Board of Advisors

Phluido's Board of Advisors include five seasoned executives with a diverse range of skills and experience. Our advisors have been holding top management positions (including CEO and CTO positions) in major telecommunications and software enterprises and have proven skills in the following areas:

  • Business development
  • Angel and seed financing
  • Governing, operating, buying, selling and merging (M&A) of growing technology
  • Standardization and regulation

Featured Advisor

      Bo Hedfors

      Bo Hedfors

Bo has 45 years of global telecom experience in both wireline and wireless. He was Executive Vice President of Motorola and President of its global wireless infrastructure business. Prior to that, he spent 30 years in Ericsson, holding different management positions. Among them, president of Honeywell Ericsson Development Co. in Anaheim, California 1984-1986; Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of LM Ericsson in Stockholm, Sweden 1990-1993; President and CEO of Ericsson, Inc. in Dallas, Texas 1994-1998.