Phluido RaaS vRAN

Phluido offers a fully 3GPP Rel-13 compliant, software-defined (including Layer-1) 4G LTE stack built on top of the RaaS-FIP fronthaul protocol API. Deploy a standard-compliant, fully functional LTE network in minutes with Phluido RaaS vRAN and radio units.

Key features:

  • L1, L2, L3 all running on general-purpose x86 CPU (including desktop-grade and mobile CPUs), including virtual machines. Extremely optimized code leads to efficient usage of the computational resources.
  • L1-L2 interface based upon an enhancement of the Small Cell Forum "FAPI" standardized API. Phluido L1 can be integrated into 3rd party platforms and upper layers.
  • Flexible functional splits: RaaS-FIP, 3GPP split 8, split 7-1, etc.
  • Advanced multi-threading structure, no need for real-time operating system.
  • Fully portable C++ code.
  • LTE-FDD with any system bandwidth (including 20MHz), highly scalable to tens of remote units, tens of antennas, and hundreds of active users.
  • Several transmission modes support (including MIMO), advanced scheduler, coordinated multi-point (CoMP) across the multiple remote units.
  • Easily extensible through clean and well-documented API.
  • Easy porting to a diverse range of radio frequency boards, interfaces, and RF chips. Phluido can ship prototype radio units based on the USRP platform.

Several leading companies have been already trialling and adopting the Phluido RaaS vRAN. Both binary and source licensing options available, contact us for more information and licensing opportunities.


Phluido RaaS-FIP (Fronthaul over IP)

Phluido revolutionary radio-agnostic fronthaul protocol provides dramatic compression compared to CPRI and offers a wide class of API for synchronization, congestion control, latency and jitter robustness. RaaS-FIP is the world-first fronthaul protocol that runs on any internet protocol (IP) logical pipe, regardless of the underlying medium, including the public internet.

RaaS-FIP is nicely embedded in the Phluido RaaS vRAN 4G stack, which natively uses all its advanced features, and is also available as a standalone technology for embedding into existing baseband implementations, regardless of the radio technology (3G, 4G, 5G, WiFi, etc.).

Contact us for more information and licensing opportunities, including reference designs, API, libraries, and documentation.