Phluido Patent US9998310B2 granted

Remote radio unit with adaptive fronthaul link using adaptive compression

A distributed radio frequency communication system facilitates communication between a wireless terminal and a core network. The system includes a remote radio unit (RRU) coupled to at least one antenna to communicate with the wireless terminal. The RRU includes electronic circuitry to perform at least a first portion of a first-level protocol of a radio access network (RAN) for communicating between the wireless terminal and the core network. The system also includes a baseband unit (BBU) coupled to the core network, and configured to perform at least a second-level protocol of the RAN. A fronthaul link is coupled to the BBU and the RRU. The fronthaul link utilizes an adaptive fronthaul protocol for communication between the BBU and the RRU. The adaptive fronthaul protocol has provisions for adapting to conditions of the fronthaul link and radio network by changing the way data is communicated over the fronthaul link.