Facebook-Backed TIP Showcases Disagregated Network Using Phluido Technologies

The Telecom Infra Project (TIP) for the first time demonstrated how its technologies work together in an end-to-end mobile network architecture. The disaggregated network demonstration uses general purpose processing platforms and white-box devices and shows the interoperability" among several vendors, including Phluido which contributed a functionally split virtualized Layer-1 implementation with "7-2" fronthaul.

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Phluido, Aricent, Benetel and Tech Mahindra Partner to Create Virtualized LTE RAN for Cable Networks

LONDON, Oct. 16, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- TIP Summit -- Aricent, a global design and engineering firm, Benetel, Phluido, and Tech Mahindra announced today that they are co-creating a Virtualized LTE RAN Reference solution under the guidance of CableLabs. The reference solution will provide 4G RAN services over existing cable network. Telecom Infra Project is an Open Source Telecom hardware and software consortium established by Facebook.

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Joint Phluido-TIM demo at RAN World 2018

Phluido fully virtualized RAN implementation will be showcased in the TIM booth at RAN World 2018 in Rome. The demo, which demonstrates intra-PHY functional split over non-ideal fronthaul, is the result of a collaboration between TIM and Phluido within the Telecom Infra Project vRAN Fronthaul Project Group. Please contact us for more information, or come visit the TIM booth at RAN World.

Phluido joins the O-RAN Alliance

Phluido, a pioneer of RAN virtualization, is joining the newly formed O-RAN Alliance.

"Phluido has been at the forefront of the RAN virtualization and open fronthaul interfaces since 2014." said Dario Fertonani, Phluido CTO. "We look forward to understanding more about the O-RAN mission and activities, and how to best contribute our significant technology portfolio, along with our existing and prospective partners".

Come and meet Phluido delegates at the O-RAN Alliance Event on September 13, 2018. Contact us for a private meeting.

Phluido announces general availability of "Lower L1" turnkey 5G implementation for Xilinx Zynq™ and MPSoC™ platforms

Phluido announces general availability of its "split-7" based lower L1 implementation targeting Xilinx Zynq and Ultrascale+ MPSoC  platforms.

Phluido turnkey solution enables ultra-fast design and deployment of advanced remote radio units (RRUs), compatible with current and future open RAN interfaces, for partners such as OEMs, white box vendors, and system integrators.

Phluido solution includes proprietary, accelerated and hardened IP cores, supporting firmware, and reference designs, for designing RRUs based on 3GPP splits 7-1, 7-2, and 7-3, and a variety of fronthaul protocols and interfaces for 4G and 5G-NR. Advanced features such as fronthaul compression, massive MIMO, ultra-low-latency processing, carrier aggregation, and vRAN live migration are offered.

Contact us at sales@phluido.net for licensing and support information.


Phluido Patent US9998310B2 granted

Remote radio unit with adaptive fronthaul link using adaptive compression

A distributed radio frequency communication system facilitates communication between a wireless terminal and a core network. The system includes a remote radio unit (RRU) coupled to at least one antenna to communicate with the wireless terminal. The RRU includes electronic circuitry to perform at least a first portion of a first-level protocol of a radio access network (RAN) for communicating between the wireless terminal and the core network. The system also includes a baseband unit (BBU) coupled to the core network, and configured to perform at least a second-level protocol of the RAN. A fronthaul link is coupled to the BBU and the RRU. The fronthaul link utilizes an adaptive fronthaul protocol for communication between the BBU and the RRU. The adaptive fronthaul protocol has provisions for adapting to conditions of the fronthaul link and radio network by changing the way data is communicated over the fronthaul link.

Phluido announces general availability of PHAPI-based virtualized RAN L1 implementation

We are excited to announce general availability of the Phluido virtualized 3GPP-compliant L1 implementation.

Phluido  "4.9G" vRAN Layer-1 implementation is a software-defined, feature-rich, and highly optimized implementation of the Layer-1 of 3GPP LTE Rel-14 running on commercial-off-the-shelf hardware.

Easy to integrate thanks to the use of the open "PHAPI" interface (an extension of FAPI), and natively supporting advanced and flexible architectural splits and fronthaul protocols, the Phluido vRAN L1 has been widely tested and successfully integrated.

More information about features and commercial availability here.

New White Paper from TIP vRAN Fronthaul Group

The vRAN Fronthaul Project Group (PG) of the Telecom Infra Project (TIP) published a white paper, to be announced at Mobile World Congress 2018.

Phluido, which is among the founding companies and project champions of the PG, is involved in several of the activities described in the paper, including providing the fully-virtualized, 3GPP-compliant Layer-1 implementation for multiple proof-of-concept deployments, contributing the fronthaul open interface, and as the main vendor for the "phase-0" lab testing activities.

Exciting updates from the Telecom Infra Project vRAN Fronthaul Group

The TIP vRAN Fronthaul group was founded in May 2017 with the goal of creating an ecosystem and a clear path toward commercial deployment of a vRAN architecture. Phluido is proud to be among the founding companies, and it is actively involved in the group activities.

Please find some exciting updates here: https://telecominfraproject.com/an-update-from-the-vran-fronthaul-project-group/