Phluido offers the industry-first fully software-defined LTE mobile terminal running on cheap off-the-shelf CPUs. Over-the-air product testing and network analysis are now possible at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions.

Our product runs over-the-air transmit and receive operations in real time as hardware modems do, while providing analysis and logging capabilities that only sofware-defined modems can offer. Every layer is programmable, including radio frequency and physical layer, so that upgrading the device to many future wireless communication standards will simply require a sotfware update. Our mobile terminal already implements full-stack LTE Release 10.

The product is offered with mini-PC form factor, with preinstalled tools for testing and analysis, all out-of-the-box ready for real-time over-the-air operations. Phluido's team is committed to working with customers and delivering customized functionalities and tools upon request. Email us at for more information.