Our flagship product is an interoperable and portable, software-defined open RAN physical layer. Widely adopted and commercially deployed in a variety of verticals and regions, our software-defined Layer-1 supercharges 4G-LTE and 5G-NR private networks by increasing scalability and reducing costs and time-to-market.


Our feature-rich, Release-17 compliant physical layer can be deployed on a variety of hardware architectures, on bare metal and Docker virtualized containers. Optional in-line acceleration makes it suitable for massive broadband as well as low-cost, embedded solutions.

Split-7 open fronthaul enables radio interoperability and reduces total cost of ownership. Besides commercial-grade open Radio Units, off-the-shelf software-defined radios enable agile spectrum and quick time-to-market with almost no configuration and management overhead.

Successfully integrated and deployed in commercial 4G-LTE and 5G-NR private networks, testing equipment, academia, security and intelligence verticals. Reliable and deployment-ready for Non-Terrestrial Network applications.


We collaborate with Fortune 500 companies as well as venture-funded, agile startups to deliver best-in-class RAN solutions and support services.

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